Rise Robotics is proud to introduce
Bacon™, the robotic air compressor

It can be used for nailing, painting, inflating, cleaning,
and powering inexpensive, lightweight air tools for construction.

Bacon™ outperforms standard pancake compressors by
 slowing down the air compression process
allowing for a more productive, quieter and satisfying experience.

Compatible with your favorite air tools

Bacon™ also revolutionizes the way we think about using air compressors with its cordless capabilities.

Bacon™ is compatible with existing air tools, saving money
when compared to other cordless options, without sacrificing power.



Bacon™ is better than pancakes

Because the Cyclone-Drive™ can pump air in larger volumes than the competition,
Bacon™ draws less current, lasts longer, & is quieter than the industry leading pancake air compressors.

This is made possible by our patented Cyclone-Drive™.
A new method of converting electric rotary motion into high force, slow linear pumping power.


Bacon™ is maintenance free 


Bacon™ lasts longer by using rolling contact mechanics.

That means lubrication free maintenance and environmentally friendly operation.

This is all made possible by the Cyclone-Drive™ inside,
so there is no need to let Bacon™ cool down.

Bacon™ is natively quiet.
Traditional Air Compressors are not.

Traditional air compressors are constrained by the OSHA noise exposure limit for hearing protection.

Bacon™ performs at 60 decibels. The quietness of room level conversation.
So it can be used in garages, basements, and other confined places comfortably.



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